Help me understand Rewards


I’m new to the Brave browser so I just wanna know if I understand this correctly. Brave will not charge me for the rewards thing? I have not and will not register my bank card with this because I intend using this by only giving away my BAT coins. Not to extract real money from them. So if I do only this, then theres no real fees for me to pay or anything?

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Here’s some links that may help you to learn more about Brave Rewards

My bad. I hit the submit button before I finish typing. :sweat_smile:

In short, no. You can fund your Brave Rewards via Brave Ads. Brave Ads is a feature that allow users to see privacy-preserving ads and get rewarded for their attention.

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Well just tell me yes or no. Will I be charged to pay real money in fees or whatever even tho i don’t click on “monthly contributions” or register my real card. There’s no real money involved if i only get coins from the ads then give away the coins when i want?

Ah okay thanks! Because my only intent is to get these coins then send them on there way to another website. I wish to only support and not make any profits.

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