Subscription option?

I switched to Brave from Chrome for all my platforms some while back. I love what y’all are doing!

I’d appreciate a subscription model to go alongside the ad model for supporting Brave. This may not fit with business plans.

Do I have any options, or will there be options, to subscribe to Brave, and avoid ads? I want to support your work, but I make very little use of ads so presently am not helping much.

Brave is not subscription based – can you clarify a bit more about what exactly you’re asking?

Thank you. As a consumer of Brave, I’d appreciate a paid option to support the Browser. I’d like to pay a monthly or annual fee for Brave, and not receive ads. I recognize that this may not fit with the business model for Brave. Software is not “free” (I work in the industry): either one pays and is the customer, or one becomes the product for advertisers.

All you need to do to support the browser is use it :slight_smile:
If you don’t want to receive Brave Ads, simply disable them in Settings.

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