Copy & Past bookmark folder to new location

I’ve lost two folders of bookmarks. When I cut the folder, it disappears. I am unable to paste it to new location in bookmark tree.

You should be able to use ctrl+z to undo the cutting if you haven’t closed the browser, like normal file explorer shortcits, ctrl+x should work with ctrl+v, I usually use drag and drop but I just tested cutting and it worked fine.

If you closed the browser and you can’t recover the bookmarks with ctrl+z, you can always go to %localappdata%\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\ you will find a bookmarks.bak that might have all your bookmarks before you tried to move them.

Thank you for your suggestions. I tried ctrl+z and it didn’t work. I’ll have to remember to drag and drop from now on.

yeah things are saved in memory, so you can undo until you close the browser and the changes are ‘baked’. But try checking bookmarks.old and see if it has the bookmarks you lost. just rename bookmarks to something else, and make a copy and rename bookmarks.old (to keep a copy if good).

But yeah, drag and dropping is better since you visually know where things are going, but cut should have worked fine, unless you accidentally copied a text or something, that couldn’t be pasted as bookmark. Bookmarks are so simple, you can even have a URL and paste it as bookmark, you don’t need to create them in order to have them as bookmarks, so maybe you accidentally copied a text or something, and since Bookmark folders are more complicated than an individual bookmark, it just couldn’t be pasted anymore.
So ctrl+z/ctrl+y is always the best solution to bad things happening in the browser.


For Windows PC,

  1. Close Brave
  2. Open %localappdata%\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\ by pasting url in explorer.
  3. Cut Bookmarks fille and paste in a safe place (you might need it later).
  4. Change the name of bookmarks.bak to bookmarks (ie delete .bak extension)
  5. Open Brave

I do what I always do, as far as cut and paste. But I DO usually drag and drop. I’m definitely going to stick with drag and drop from now on. The reason I tried cut and paste is that my bookmark tree is quite long. I do a lot of research. Fortunately, that folder is not critical. You never want to lose information though.

You WOULD think that Brave would allow us to cut and paste bookmark folders.

I don’t use Windows. I have Linux. But thank you.

Only the location of bookmarks and and bookmarks.bak files changes.

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