Cut + Paste Bookmark Folder DIDN'T work and lost folder and don't know how to Retrieve it

I already viewed this thread, which didn’t fix the problem: Copy & Past bookmark folder to new location

I Cut a Bookmark folder to paste in a different folder, and it didn’t paste (Cntl+ V), and now it’s know-where to be found, and it’s important! I found the bookmark.bak file which seems like a zip file that needs to be extracted, and nothing is in there. Since it’s already been a few days since this happened, Cntl Z didn’t help either.
The above thread said to check boolmarks.old, but didn’t say WHERE to find that, or what it is? I did a search on my C: for “Bookmarkds.old”, and nothing populated.

Since the reply to my email said that it will take them 72 hours to get back to me, it’s been well over that and a few days later. Since then, I’ve copied other things on my PC.

What now?

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