Lost Bookmarks Windows 10

It seems when you “CUT” a Bookmark folder it Deletes it!
I was trying to do a Cut and Past to a different Folder. The Cut worked as expected, but I could not Paste it in a new folder. It was just deleted!

Hi, I am a community member who also uses windows 10.

Cut does remove whatever you select from the original location but you should have been able to paste it into another folder by using the tools on the windows menu bar, right clicking and selecting paste, or using ctrl-v. Usually, if you cut without pasting, the action is voided and the original of whatever you cut stays in the original location. You use the copy option to make a copy. The original object copied stays in the location it was copied from.

I do not know why you were unable to paste what you cut or why it was removed if you used cut without pasting. When I use cut, it does not work the same way you are describing. Also, Bookmarks are stored as files, not folders, and each profile you have has its own bookmark file. Do you use multiple profiles or did you delete the bookmark file from the default profile? Can you provide the path from Brave Software where the object cut was originally stored? For example, I use Sync (one device) and my bookmark files look like this:

Just going to offer some suggestions to see if any may help.

  1. Do you have a bookmarks.bak file? You should. I think a bookmark.bak file is created with or without using Sync. You can use the .bak file to restore your bookmarks. You will lose any bookmarks you created since the last .bak save.
  2. Do you have any backups stored anywhere of either the Brave-Browser folder or the User Data folder?
  3. Have you tried looking in your Recycle Bin to see if the file was moved there?

If I think of anything else, I will post again. Maybe some other community members or support staff can provide a way to find and recover your bookmarks. AFAIK unless you use Sync, have a .bak file, or have a backup of the Brave-Browser and/or User Data folders, you will not be able to recover your deleted bookmarks.

Thanks for the info! I do not have a bookmarks.bak file, so that’s out.
I think I’ll have to resign myself to the loss of that folder.
No Worries! I probably have to many bookmarks as it is, as I do a lot of research on various topics.

Appreciate your reply and suggestions!

BTW. There was nothing in my recycle bin. I found that Default file you mentioned on my C drive and following the path you provided. I don’t have any bookmark files in there.
Also, I have never used SYNC and I’m not familiar with it.
I also have never attempted to backup my bookmarks file. Perhaps I should, after I figure out how to do that. I’m pretty sure I did that when I moved from Firefox to Brave, so it should be too hard.

Oh! And I leaned a new acronym from you - AFAIK. LoL!


The location of bookmarks.bak or bookmarks () depends on wether you have 32 or 64bit device; in a addition to this it is a hidden file and to see it you need to use the right settings in Windows Explorer.
I suggest to use an app like Wise JetSearch freeware to find it in a fraction of a second (image is for bookmarks.bak in Brave and Opera).

Thanks, Again!
I found the files, it didn’t occur to me they would be hidden - getting old!
I’m in the process of adding to my current Bookmarks.
And I’ll make a note on using Wise JetSearch in the future.

PS. Interesting “handle” your using - cerealLover

Yeah! And didn’t occur to me either. The .bak file is displayed in all my profiles for all the versions I have installed and that was good enough for me when I checked! lol

You might want to consider doing backups of your Brave Browser and/or User Data folders periodically, preferably to an external device. Can save a world of trouble down the road, especially if your Rewards are unverified or if your Brave Browser and/or system crashes. I usually backup at the end of each month and before an update.

@CerealLover has made a nifty image per backing up Rewards. It is posted in User Solutions: 1.39.x but posting below for reference.

Try This: Community Member Solutions and Workarounds

Screenshots (Step-by-Steps in Pictures)
can i create bats backup? - #4 by CerealLover
Note: Consider backing up entire Brave-Browser folder too and not just User Data folder.

I didn’t know .bak files were hidden by default. Went to check settings in windows and sure enough…

I don’t ever remember toggling that one on! Considering how ancient my system is, I could have changed years ago for some reason and just don’t remember! :joy:

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Thanks, I’ll do the Backup!
As for rewards, well, I haven’t been worried about them, I just wanted to use the Brave Bowser.

But there seems to be a lot of users talking about them - perhaps I’ll check it out one day. :slight_smile:

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