Coolnewtabtheme Hijack default search engine


My default browser is google but now is hijacked by this site call coolnewtabtheme, and it closes my tab search for no reason too. I can change default search engine to duckduckgo, but i really don’t want to use duckduckgo, and when i change default serach engine back to google, coolnewtabtheme hacked in again. Is there a way to get ride of coolnewtabtheme from hijacking google search? Thank.

if you go to the page does it stay there or it turn also to the hijacked one ?

google official site stays, but if i try to search by typing anything into the google search bar, it will get hijecked, even on google’s official site.

@tinzi there could be many reason try open google site again in private mode and tell me if you can search normal there or it hijacked?

solved. It turns out one of the extensions i use inserts malicious code into brave Browser. I uninstalled the extension (and reported to google) and everything is back to Normal. Thank you Justsome1 for supporting.

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