Better Cookie management / whitelisted cookie auto delete for Mobile

On Desktop one of my favourite and IMO necessary privacy extensions is “cookie auto delete” or equivalent cookie management system. Specifically the whitelist mode where all cookies are deleted upon an even such as browser restart or tab close unless the domain has been added to a whitelist (greylist mode is also helpful but not as crucial).

The reason this needs to be added to Brave is because it is based on Chrome, and Chrome does not allow the use of extensions on mobile (because of some BS about ‘performance and user experience’ from google). This is also the only aspect of FireFox Mobile that I think is superior to Brave/Chrome, extensions are great and Brave has done a fine job filling the gap on mobile where Google completely dropped the ball, and I think this is currently the largest omission.

Whitelisted Cookie Management will allow for a reduced tracking ability by many sites, and fixes websites that say “you’ve reached your free limit, pay us to read this news article” many of such services appear in the brave newsfeed. -Clear your cookies and it resets, for mobile it is a manual job.