Saving some cookies while deleting all cookies on exit

I understand that the request is not new, but the site search did not give me the desired results, so I created this post.

I really love privacy and the right to prisumption of each person. and I don’t like it much when, under one pretext or another, someone uses data about me for their own purposes, but at the same time receives more than returns. I can’t know what happens to this data further and specifically. so I always clear the data in the browser when I exit, thanks for adding this feature.

but I think that if the function of deleting cookies only manually was added to the shield for each site, and this would allow some selected cookies to be saved when deleting on exit, the browser would become much more convenient.

at the moment I have to go through authorization every time. I used the scheme when I block all cookies and only for some sites I give permission, and at the exit I do not use deleting cookies. but it is very inconvenient, I gave it up. and now I have a lot of authorization every time I launch the browser.

if the chromium engine allows you to do this, maybe you can add a directory with cookies, which, as an exception, are not deleted on exit along with all cookies that are deleted.

the browser would become more convenient for relatively advanced users. thanks.

will there be no answer?

Well, this is a Feature Request category and community members can up-vote the feature if they also are interested in seeing it implemented. You likely will not get a response to your post unless someone is really interested in this particular feature or has some additional information to share.

If you haven’t seen, this is the About post pinned in the Feature Requests Category:

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This is not specifically an Android request; I would like to see the same feature on my desktop.
This is how Firefox has always done it: I can specify that cookies set by my bank, my library, selected online stores, etc are kept, and all of the other cruft is automatically swept away when I close the browser. If I must choose cookies to delete, I have to add to the list for every site I visit - this is the wrong way around to do it.

A built in cookie auto delete addon. Its available on github I use it in all browsers but its not available at mobile phone