Constantly being signed out of Google Services

I’ve found lately that I’m constantly being signed out of Google services mid-session. For example, I’ll login to Gmail and read an email, I’ll then click back to inbox and I’ll be logged out. Also with Youtube, I’ll watch a video on my watch later list and then I’ll press the delete key to remove it from the list near the end and again, I’m logged out. Anyone else experience this kind of thing happening? I can’t seem to find any odd settings that would cause this.

Really dumb question on my part … are you using Private mode or using a Guest Window?

No, I’m in a standard window, with no additional profiles

do you block the cookies ?

did you change you shield settings or any settings at all

I haven’t changed any of the shield setting at all and according to settings cookie blocking is applied to “only cross-site”. I haven’t adjusted anything at all for ages and this issue seems to be very recent, like last 3-4 days. Also it’s not consistent. I can completely exit Brave and come back in and still be logged in to Youtube. Also, sometimes it happens every couple of minutes, sometimes every few hours. It’s all very sporadic.

that could be a crazy extension or cache

could you disable all extension and clear cache and see if it work and have a nice day

Tried that, it’s promptly continued to sign me straight back out of Google services on the first attempt. No extensions and I completely reset the settings too.

that’s weird

idk why let us wait and see what the brave team say about that

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