Automatically signs out of Gmail

Continually automatically signs out of Gmail accounts

Shields off made no difference in performance

Gmail works fine on Chrome

Brave version 1.120.103

Any help appreciated. Would hate to change browsers but this may force my hand - Thanks

Hello @Sagacity

do you use private mode or clear cache on exit ?

Not private mode and don’t clear cache on exit. Will sign me out sometimes within 20 seconds, sometimes 4 minutes, after signing in and working in Gmail. Thanks!

you welcome @Sagacity :slight_smile:

could you try to disable all extension and try again and see if it work

if not then try to create new profile and see if it work fine n that new profile
to create new profile go to menu then choose create a new profile

hope that help

Seems to be working! I’ll gradually turn on each one and see which is the culprit. Much appreciated!

congratulations @Sagacity and you very welcome :slight_smile:

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