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Is there a button within brave to report a cookie consent url? Or is there another way for Brave to remove cookie consents on all active urls? Brave’s cookie consent settings do not cover all urls with a cookie consent.

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All URL are deliberately not covered. If you go to youtube in a private window, it will ask for consent.

As far as I know, it is deliberately done to avoid breakage (or there is some other important reason but right now I cannot remember it)

If there are small sites with cookie consents like then do notify on this forum, brave team member will look into it.

So I have to post to this forum for every single url with an unremoved cookie consent? That would lead to flooding this forum with cookie consent urls.

It does not exactly flood, as this forum is made to be used to report problems like ad-blocking, cookie consents etc.

See Cookie consent is not blocked

If you see this thread Cookie Policy, the user named fanboynz solved it. He is a brave team member specifically employed for ad-blocking purposes.

I’ve sent about 70 consent cookie urls to the creator of this extension
If Brave doesn’t consider posting each consent cookie url, I come across, as flooding, then I’ll post a separate topic each time I come across a cookie consent url.
Also, unlike the extension called ‘idontcareaboutcookies’ having a build-in consent cookie url report button, how are brave’s end-consumers supposed to report a consent cookie url? People don’t just jump over to without knowing that’s where they can report a consent cookie url.

I was just talking about this in another thread. Unfortunately there is no where “official”, but I’m working on that presently. For now, @chh_68 is correct — the ad-blocking category is probably best, but I would like to make it easier to report these.

@jordy can you tell me what site(s) you’re seeing the notices on where they should be blocked?

The ad-blocking category is only of use to report consent cookie urls if brave’s millions of users can get to know that’s the place to report.
Besides, whichever url I came across, that’s only an example of me stumbling upon a url with an unremoved consent cookie. I created this topic, not because of one such url. I tell brave it needs to solve its lack of informing end-consumers about where they can report a consent cookie url.

Again, we are working on it. As soon as we have a best place to report (ideally I"d like users to be able to do this in-browser but that may be too much to push through right now), you’ll know. Until then, it would be helpful for everyone if you could show/share what site you’re seeing it on, as the fix for this site may help fix others as well.

Thank you.

True, but not only for cookie consent issues but also for all other issues related to brave browser.

In brave://settings/help, URL of should be linked with title something like ‘Having problems, report it here’.

Inside the new brave wallet, they have added a ‘Request Feature’ link in the bottom left corner. It links directly to

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