Allow Cookies if Cookie Consent ist accepted

I have found similar Requests, but couldn’t find my answer. So, I try again:

In the EU we have to ask the User if he consents to our cookies. So, based on this, if a User accepts our Cookies, how can I translate this to Brave Shields? If we have the Consent, I don’t want Brave Shields to block the cookies anyway.

Each site will have its own policy on what cookies/trackers are implemented, The best option is too remove cookie messages via Easylist Cookies/Fanboy Annoyances enabled via brave://adblock

This would mean Brave have to monitor all your choices and store them.
This is something a privacy focused browser shouldn’t do.

But in this case I would not even be able to have Google Analytics on my website, as it is stored in the Google Tag Manager.

We just block by default (Privacy by default), monitoring each would have a performance hit (especially on sites with many trackers).

Even if a consent message shows, and you “block/allow” for each domain, it’ll still be blocked in Brave in default shields. Because of privacy.