Blocking cookie consent banners: not effective

brave integrates cookies banners blocker.

One approach (which Brave uses) is to block cookie banners , and to hide and to modify pages to remove any additional annoyance such systems include (such as overlays, preventing scrolling, etc.)
The other approach is to trust and work with cookie banners. Instead of blocking these systems (as Brave does), this alternate approach automates the process of clicking “no” in cookie-banner systems. While this approach may reduce the number of cookies sent and the overall nuisance of banners, it still records your preference with the cookie banner providers.

Brave cookies banners blocker is based on this list and it is not effective as the one of firefox which uses a shorter list, but is able to block famous websites (google, youtube, twitter, etc.).
It would be nice if brave allowed users to choose to do the same. Otherwise brave requires external extensions as ISDCAC.
Thank you

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We’re actually more effective that ISDCAC and Mozilla, ISDCAC doesn’t update often and Mozilla doesn’t cover many consents and quite immature. Automated “Yes” and “No” isn’t good for privacy and is slower since you’re waiting for the webpages elements to load.

We’re still very active:

Is there specific pages you’re having issues with?

Its a few months old, but a comparison

As for the reason, I can agree with you. As for the actual behaviour, with firefox and brave + ISDCAC I don’t see any cookie consent banners, whereas with brave alone, I see many (all google services (search, map, youtube) for sure, I would have to check the other sites one by one).
P.S. in the shield setting I do not see any Remove cookies warning item, but I selected EasyList-Cookies List.

I’m using Brave both on Android & Windows (up to date versions). In both cases, I have consent notifications on Twitter. It was not the case 2 months ago.

Twitter rolled out an update to the consents, still trying to replicate/fix the issue

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