Congrats, your March rewards have arrived. No they haven't!

My home page is saying Congrats, your March rewards have arrived. And the Uphold payments are saying complete above

I haven’t received them. Why do your developers break things every month that was previously working. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

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The same thing happened to me too. the message tells me that I was paid in the month of March but in reality nothing has arrived on my verified uphold wallet. I already sent a ticket to support today. moreover, in the last two months the rewards have decreased a lot both in number and in value for each ad seen. any explanation please??!!

Would you mind submitting your issue here?

A member of our team can investigate shortly.

Thank you!

didn’t get rewards from my android devices this month. laptop amount came through.

ticket 189223

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I got more, soo… i stay crouch, and lurk, since i posted twice about it. At last, i tried. :slight_smile:

42 / 5.000

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Risultato di traduzione

Thank you very much but I have already submitted a ticket

Hello ,

Thank you for contacting Brave Support. Your case number for this ticket is 189205. We typically respond within a few days, some issues may take longer. We appreciate your patience.
In the meantime please check our Community Forum at and our Help Center at There’s a lot of great resources and an active community looking to help.

Brave Support

Thanks for your kind reply. I understand that in this period it is much more difficult to have sponsors and announcements to get the Bat. however I will continue to use Brave even if it has some problems from time to time. Good work

didn’t get rewards

nothing has arrived on my verified uphold

could fix the issues with the Rewards payouts, please.

@Evan123 @Mattches @chriscat

Brave 1.50.114 (64 bits)
Windows 10 Version 21H2 (64 bits)

having exactly the same issue… got paid for 3 out of my 4 devices. my personal phone Android rewards are still missing… brave: every month a new issue!

Please submit a ticket to us on our Rewards form, as @Evan123 requested earlier and we’ll be happy to take a closer look at both of your cases.

Thank you

where to find this rewards form please?

Same here!!! No rewards shown on my Gemini

It’s at

Good luck.

My experience with UpHold was very bad and could be described as traumatic. They offered they service for my country at that time, but changed after months. I had to look for a solution, they were no good help. They changed rules continuously and my solution had to fit in every time. Finally after months I found a solution and they could transfer money, but said, the solution doesn’t fit well. They were “asking” for a fee. I was very confused because it not my problem to check if the service fit for every country’s law. I had to find a solution for that on my own (overy 90% of the work came from me) and 100% of the work and problems came from Uphold. I am not happy with any of the services and hope I can make the Awards stop working on my computers, because I don’t want nor need them. There is no service that could send me the rewards anyway.

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