Configuring Account to Receive BAT Tips (Verified Creators Account w/ Twitter Linked)

Hi- I signed up for my Creators account yesterday and linked my Reddit and Twitter accounts. I understand that it can take 24hrs or so to be verified but I was verified on my Twitter account this morning and have a purple checkmark next to the Brave Rewards logo next to the address bar.

Despite being verified, people are still unable to tip me with BAT and receive a message indicating that I haven’t configured my account to receive tips from users. I’ve also connected my Gemini wallet to my Creators account so I’m not sure what else needs to be done in order for me to receive the tips going forward? I’ve attached a photo of the error message that people get when trying to tip me on my Twitter account. Thanks!

Computers all around the globle need to get the updated list of verified creators and websites, this take usually up to one week.

Ok got it, thanks for clearing that up. Do you know if its something that happens simultaneously where Brave updates their internal list and every Brave user gets access? Or is it something that happens periodically over the course of a week?

It happens periodically. Commonly your computer connects to the nearest Brave Server once in a while to get the updated list, and same, the Brave Serves get the updated list (to give them to your device) from other servers, but this take some time.

Also, if your computer have bad connection or none internet, well it will take longer to get a fresh list of verified creators.

In resume, it takes time for the changes be reflected around the globe, the staff members commonly give a period of one week before debugging.

Hi @ambrocioisaias2808 thanks again for your response. Its been about a week at this point and I’m still being told that people are unable to tip me…would you mind taking a look to see if that’s what you see as well? My twitter is . It sounds like the same message about my account not being configured to receive tips still shows up. Thank you!

yap, same here. Hmp… well let´s see if @steeven can help with this or if he can give us a different info.

@steeven, can you help us out with this?

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