Is there way to hide in crypto/wallet in settings

Is there way to hide crypto/wallet in the settings. I really want to use brave but I’m not a fan of auto installation and crypto/wallet settings.

@alex676 Can you be a bit more specific of what you’re wanting and on what type of operating system?

For example, on Desktop you can right click on the Brave Wallet icon and choose Hide Brave Wallet icon. It would then remove it from the top of your browser But that’s about the most you can do. While you could technically go to brave://flags and set Brave Wallet to disabled, it would then go to a fallback of other options. Also all the Web3 settings would still be there.

Brave Wallet is part of Brave and can’t be differentiated.

If you’re referring to Rewards, you can disable all of that and as long as you don’t turn it on, it won’t ever do anything. In much the same way as I mentioned with the Wallet icon, you can right mouse click and choose to Hide Brave Rewards icon or you can go to brave://settings/rewards and disable it there.

If you’re asking for any of these to be like “add-ons” or “extensions” to where you can choose never to download it, the answer is no. These are part of the browser and won’t be separated for security and performance purposes.

I want to hide the wallet setting in the settings. I use windows, android, and Linux. I can’t get behind crypto and nft. Seeing the wallet in my settings becomes a constant reminder.