Brave rewards icon, how to turn OFF

Just downloaded Brave. Noticing that on Twitter (for example) there is a triangle icon on every post, which I can click to donate to that account via Brave.
I just wanted this because it was ad free and fast.
Is there a way to turn all of this off and not have any of this tip/payment/wallet stuff? Not see, not hear about it, no buttons for it etc?


@ryantb You may want to try going through Settings. For example, the toggle buttons for the Tip on Reddit and all is very easily found if you just went to Rewards in your Settings and scroll down.

Photos 12_26_2022 13_07_04

Same with hiding the Rewards icon…

Photos 12_26_2022 13_09_30

And Same with hiding Wallet icon…

Photos 12_26_2022 13_08_27

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