[Q] Remove Brave Rewards?

Hi all,

I’ve switched to Brave Beta to check it out as a Chrome replacement and I’m really enjoying it so far.

I’d like the remove the Brave Rewards module - it’s not something I’m interested in and I’d like it gone. It shows as a hidden extension in chrome://inspect/#extensions, and I can close it down from the Brave Beta internal task manager, but I can’t find a way to disable it entirely.

Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks for reading!



As of now there is no way to disable the Rewards icon. However, it has been recently suggested by a couple other users:

If this continues to gain traction I will open an issue in our GitHub for the team to review. Thanks for reaching out!

Thanks for the info.
I have one doubt. Upon installing Brave Dev and Beta I go through the introduction pages. Where I have been shown the Brave Rewards page. Brave Rewards should only be enabled if I do it myself isn’t?
On the other hand, if I disable Brave Rewards from settings why does the triangle appear in my address bar? By doing that technically I am disabling Brave Rewards. Is this a bug or is it still working behind even after disabling it?

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The Rewards icon:
image will always be displayed (for now).

If you have Brave Rewards disabled in settings, or if you did not opt in during the Welcome Tour, you will not be participating in the program.

Let me know if this is still unclear.

Thanks for all the work on the browser. I think the BAT thing is fine and all, but if users aren’t going to use it, it’d be nice just to get rid of it - especially since I’ve already opted out of it.



Thanks for the clarification.
So this means irrespective of whether I enable or disable, brave rewards is always enabled. is that correct?
I personally keep it enabled. But just checking what happens if I disable it. It still keep running as per the task bar.
Thanks again

Rewards isn’t its own process. As you can see in both task managers, the only thing running with respect to Rewards is Brave Rewards Extension and the Rewards tab (which you have open in both instances). The Rewards extension, just like the Shields extension, will always be running (same can be said for the PDFJS extension seen in your task manager, as well as any other enabled extension).

However, it seems to be something desired so I’m going to go ahead and file an issue in GH, requesting to have the option to disable (or at least hide) the Rewards extension. Will reply back here with the link to it for anyone interested.

Would greatly appreciate it if you could - either an option in settings to hide the Triangle Of Reward ™ or an option within Brave Rewards Settings for ‘Hide From Address Bar’ would be awesome.

Thanks again, that is great

Sorry for my ignorance.
So does this mean that even if I do not enable Brave Rewards the extension will still keep running in the background?


I’ve opened an issue for this here:

Obviously I can’t tell you if or when this will be implemented, but its in the right place for devs to see. I’m going to go ahead and close this thread now that an issue is filed. Thanks for reaching out guys!

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