Como cobrar mis BAT desde Venezuela?

Hi, could someone please explain to me how to collect my BAT from Venezuela? If UPHOLD and GEMINI do not work or are blocked for Venezuela, how do I collect my BAT? can i use another wallet? Someone enlighten me please! because otherwise the browser will be very good but if you don’t have another payment method for an alternative wallet, all this time would be a waste and a real irresponsible position on the part of the creators of such a good browser, because if you want something global and You seek to be the first but you have limitations, how do you aspire to be number one?

@henryfp5 I want to be clear, to my knowledge Venezuela is not blocked. BAT is something that you can earn and you always are able to tip to creators if you wish to support them. There are also alternatives being made on where BAT can be stored and how it is used.

As far as Uphold goes, Venezuela is/was on a temporary hold in regards to not permitting new accounts. However, if you already were with them, you were able to transfer and use cryptocurrency with them. You can see the lists at

If you don’t have accounts/wallets with those companies, then you just won’t be able to withdraw the BAT for yourself until they reopen to you. This is not the fault of Brave but it is instead the fault of government regulations and the banks that are controlled by them.

The good news is you will continue to accrue your BAT and won’t lose them. You also will have access to the fast running browser with excellent adblocking capabilities and so much more. You also have the capability of using the browser, at no cost, with Brave Ads turned off. By doing that you won’t see ads but also will no longer gain BAT.

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