What wallet can be used from Venezuela?

Hello, I would like to know if there is another wallet available for users in Venezuela, since the ones that are: Uphold and Geminis, can no longer be used from my country.

I would suggest a hardware wallet. Good luck.

Can’t though. In order to move it to a hardware wallet or anywhere else, it has to go from your browser. Since Venezuela can’t use Uphold or Gemini, they currently have no way of using the BAT outside of the Brave browser. This means no moving it to a hardware wallet or anywhere else. They can tip Creators or leave it in the browser.

Please check out Topic and Posts(comments) at PSA: Venezuela no longer supported by Uphold (or Gemini)

You are no fun, in context yes its obvious what he/she ment including understand the issues about Venezuela and USA sanctions.

I was trying to be a smart ass.

Just FYI, I’m on the autism spectrum. I primarily take things for what they are. How you wrote everything had absolutely no hint of sarcasm or anything else. Also keep in mind people here are seeking advice, with some not even having English as their first language. Language differences can make it even harder to understand.

Sorry if I’m “not fun” on that, but on a more serious minded support forum and on a topic where someone is asking a sincere question, I figure sincere and accurate answers are kind of important. If they took you seriously, it would have been misleading and caused a lot of confusion.

I’ll keep that in mind and adjust accordingly.

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