Got 2 Payouts out of 3 Brave Wallets

Just got 2 reward payouts and it seems like it’s from the earnings of sponsored images since the increment is not within the .05 BAT from viewing ads and the amount of BAT earned is different from one another. I don’t know how the earnings from the sponsored images are computed or if there’s a situation where they combine the earnings ( one of my payout is about 10 BAT and the other around 23 BAT ). Still, I was kinda expecting this to happen and if my hunch is correct, I’ll be getting 2 payouts as well from viewing ads.

The reason I think I’ll not be getting all the earnings from my 3 Brave Wallet is because of the things I’ve been tinkering with Brave Browser and if I remember correctly, I linked more than 3 Brave Wallets in my Uphold account and the max wallet you can link is 3. Now I don’t know how Brave chooses the wallet that they’ll be handing payouts, either the 3 most active wallets or the chronological order of the Brave Wallet you linked to Uphold.

Now for those who didn’t get any payouts from the previous month, maybe this is one of the reasons. To those new to Brave, they may have accidentally linked more than 3 Brave Wallets… maybe.

Now I have this question; Can Brave ‘unlink’ those unused Brave Wallets in the Brave Browser card in Uphold? Just wanted to know first if they can since I’ll be thinking of a workaround on this scenario and I’d probably be turning of Brave Rewards after I receive the ad viewing payout since I might move the BAT I’d receive in hopes of resetting the Brave Browser Card in Uphold and making new Brave Wallets to link.


Hello, could i link Uphold to 2 wallets or 3?? my Uphold is new one and still not withdraw from ads


Based on what I’ve been reading, for one Uphold account, the maximum Brave Wallet you can use is 3. Sorry I can’t reference/share a link, should have bookmarked it for reference. I just found it when I used Google, saw it on a Reddit article somewhere. I think I searched maximum brave wallet for uphold on google, something like that.

Also, on that article, I think that Brave Wallet you link on Uphold is permanent and can’t be removed. That’s why I’m trying to ask Brave Support if they can unlink the Brave Wallets that aren’t in use now since the article is a little old.

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@TeotiX - here are details

I have same issue, 4 linked brave browsers (nightly, dev, beta and live) and ad rewards stucked in last linked to uphold (unfortunatelly in the live brave version :slight_smile:


I see, first three linked Brave Wallet. Thanks.

Now I wonder if I can request Uphold to delete the Brave Browser Card I’m currently using and create a new one. Then I’m going to create new Brave Wallets since the current Brave Wallets I’m using is permanently linked to that said Brave Browser Card in Uphold. :frowning:

But still, I’m not sure as to which Brave Wallet is linked to my Uphold account so need to wait for the Brave Ads payout and see which one is which. Tsk.

that is cant, bcz they are limit.


@Mattches whote this in past (november) : "I believe that we have a plan to address de-linking your Uphold account from a particular wallet but at this time it’s not possible. "

but as far as I know, there is no update on that


Pending Rewards just got reduced. I think the BAT I earned for the whole month of February was deducted and was left was the I earned from the start of March which is around 2.5. I thought Pending Rewards will reset to 0 thinking the cut-off for the Pending Rewards is every 5th of the month.

Anyway, my February Pending Rewards has already been deducted but I still haven’t received it yet on my Uphold account. I’m going to wait for another day to see if the payout just got delayed.

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The whole payment thing is a mess. Ive heard payout day is the 5th 8th why on earth wont you allow us to output to any Eth wallet or is this your way from not having to do the KYC?

I didn’t even know there was a limit to how many wallets you can connect to uphold. I have 3 I think connected to my uphold wallet.

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Limit 3 wallet and now we cant withdraw funds from wallet and recovery wallet will lost BAT earning from ads. lol


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