I noticed that is broken on both desktop and android browser.

Here are some broken page : (data won’t load past 10 item) (signal carrousel is broken)

This website was working one or two week ago so I wonder if brave shield isn’t blocking too much stuff.


Hey @deth,

Both pages loaded fine here. loaded, if you block “Scripts” in shields, it’ll break the site.

Hello fanboynz,

I didn’t fully block javascript. I only use the standard shield/protection from brave to block add. But for sure script won’t work at all for me on this website.

I otherwise tryed to delete cache and it didn’t change anything. I don’t know if brave got some JS/css files cache internaly that could be messed up?

Or maybe it’s related to my localisation?

Possible? but I could only reproduce this if I blocked the scripts in shields.

From desktop, if you test in private mode does it still occur?

@Carlolo hi, this look unrelated to this topic. :slight_smile:

@fanboynz Private mode does the same rendering

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