Coinmarketcap links redirecting. Bitcoin -> Namecoin


when using the website and clicking on bitcoin it automatically redirects to namecoin project.
It is impossible to check the bitcoin chart on the website, no matter if clicking on the link or changing the url on top, the same namecoin project opens always instead of bitcoin.

Is this a security issue on my side?

Week ago there was not such issue.
This issue only accures on brave browser.
I have not changed any settings or anything, this just suddenly started to happen.

Possibly a malware. Probably from an extension as the reddit mod says

Create a new profile from the top right hand corner hamburger menu. Do not add or change anything on the new profile. Just use the default way it first started. Visit coinmarketcap. See if it happens again.

Send a screen-recording of it actually happening. Check the browser task manager, you will be able to open it via going to the title bar (where tabs are shown), right click, select task manager. See if you find some sketchy process working.

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