Coinbase KYC Update

It was announced in August 2019 (source) you were working on adding Coinbase as an option to widthraw BAT earned through Brave Rewards. Any update since?

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That may be on the back burner (perhaps due to disagreements/issues with Coinbase). I don’t see it in the current Rewards roadmap. However, they are working on adding Gemini, which should be available soon.

Do you have any insider staff information that Coinbase is dropped?

I wouldn’t consider Github to be “insider information”, but here is what I found:

As I said, it looks to be on the back burner, but no reason given that I could find. No one is currently assigned to work the issue.

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I am mainly asking after being genuinely worried about the recent surge of funds being stolen by Uphold.
Ping @sampson @steeven @luke.mulks
This an urgent matter that needs to be addressed.

As I said, Brave is the process of adding Gemini as an option. It should be available soon.

As I said, I don’t care about an exchange that’s not available here.

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