Why only uphold alllowed?

Hi, is there any other solution except Uphold? Why can’t I transfer my rewards to other wallets? Uphold is not supported in my country…

We have Gemini user wallets set for the next browser release:

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What about countries where Gemini is not available?
I have already asked you about progress on Coinbase since its original announcement two years ago, with no reply.

I’m more of an Epyon guy myself.
As far as I know, we do not currently have any plans – nor has there been an official announcement – about Coinbase integration. I believe we may have mentioned working on something like that in the past, but I can confirm that there is no active development ongoing regarding Coinbase user wallets in Brave.

No official announcement? You mean this was not from someone at Brave speaking officially?

That is correct.
As I said:

I can’t confirm the exact reason why the project never came to fruition or what the exact situation was, but again, at this time there is no active development for this feature.

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