Description of the issue:
[English] When I open the Brave Browser, everything turns white and shows the text: “Error code: STATUS_BREAKPOINT” and under “More information”, and after a few seconds the browser turns off.
And every time I click on the “More information” option, another screen appears and almost immediately the browser also turns off.
Whatever you do, it just turns on for a few seconds and turns off.
I have a Windows 7 Ultimate.
I was already using the Brave for 6 months without problems and had never had any problems. I don’t understand what could be happening.


  1. Rename the Brave.exe file to Brave2222222.exe
    (C: \ Program Files \ BraveSoftware \ Brave-Browser \ Application \ Brave.exe) but it didn’t work.
  2. Enter the CMD and apply the “sfc / scannow” with it completely scanned damaged windows files, restart the PC but it didn’t help either.
  3. Finally I completely removed the Brave and reinstalled it from scratch, but it didn’t work either. The problem persists.

Expected result:
Does anyone else have this same problem?
How have they solved it?

Brave Version( check BraveBrowserSetup

Addition al Information:
Al abrir el navegador:
When opening the browser:

Dar click en más información:
Click on more information:

Redirecciona a pagina e inmediatamente se apaga:
It redirects to the page and immediately shuts down:


[In Spanish] Al abrir el Navegador Brave se pone todo de color blanco y muestra el texto: “Código de error: STATUS_BREAKPOINT” y debajo “Más información”, y tras unos segundos se apaga el navegador.
Y cada vez que doy clic en la opción “Más información” aparece otra pantalla y casi inmediatamente tambien se apaga el navegador.
Sea lo que sea que se ahaga solo enciende unos segundos y se apaga.
Tengo un Windows 7 Ultimate.
Ya estaba usando el Brave durante 6 meses sin problemas y nunca habia tenido ningun problema. No entiendo que puede estar pasando.


  1. Cambie el nombre del archivo Brave.exe por Brave2222222.exe
    (C:\Program Files\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\Application\Brave.exe) pero no funciono.
  2. Ingrese al CMD y aplique el “sfc /scannow” con ello se escaneo completamente archivos dañados de windows, reinicie la PC pero tampoco sirvio de nada.
  3. Finalmente elimine por completo el Brave y lo reinstale desde cero, pero tampoco funciono. El problema persiste.

Resultado Esperado:
¿Alguien más tiene este mismo problema?
¿Cómo lo han solucionado?
Brave Version( check BraveBrowserSetup

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Have you tried to update your browser? The version you are using seems pretty old to me.

Brave most recent version is 1.20.108 if you can update your browser then download a new installer.


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Thank you very much Jhon!! I went to your link and install version 1.20.108. but unfortunately the same error keeps appearing. :frowning:
I don’t know what else it could be.

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