Clicking Windows 10 Notification (Ads) opens Dissenter

Clicking Windows 10 Notification opens Dissenter.

Default browser is Brave.

It is what I write. Nothing more to add. Why is this happening?

Was Dissenter your previous default browser? Also, you browser default may be set to Brave, but in Windows System settings, you may have .html/ .htm links set to open in Dissenter.

I have the same issue. I have Dissenter installed, but it’s absolutely cleared from my defaults. Brave is selected for every available option. When I get a a Win10 notification (i.e. Google Voice text message), and I click on it, it opens Dissenter…

Uninstalled Dissenter, and now clicking on notifications does nothing… Wish we could isolate where the link is to the app that is called for when clicking on win10 notifications.

In Windows 10, open the settings gear on the start menu, then go to apps, then default apps, then scroll down and click “Choose default apps by protocol”. You may have to do this every time a browser gets updated. The actual error is how Chrome install always resets to the first profile it knows of, for the default.

Dissenter browser is an older stripped version of Brave and it’s still possible to add the Dissenter extension to Brave if you know the secret. I hope Brave makes it easier for people to add such a free speech extension.

This did not work for me. I do not find Dissenter in any default slots, either by protocol or filetype.

I there any additional information about this?

That might be the problem. Dissenter browser probably does not set itself up correctly for Win 10. Really though, it’s probably best to use Brave and add the Dissenter extension. It’s a little extra work, but a newer less buggy browser version is usually better.

alright, uninstalled dissenter and now it is working

Just to let you know, the dissenter extension I picked up on github works perfectly on Brave. The only issue is it can’t be installed as packaged and you need to do something extra to load it as an unpacked extension.

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