Clicking background ads dont give money is that normal?

is that normal or anormal?

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The dev are having some kind “shortage” with the BAT’s, they are working on a fix…

You don’t have to click any ads (background or notification) in order to receive BAT rewards. You just have to see them. However, there is currently an issue with the Brave Ads server, and many people (myself included) are not being credited with the ads they see. The Brave staff are working to find and fix the issue, but there are VERY few of them, and thousands of users requesting help with their issues, so please be patient.

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thanks for question! i find that problem to No payments for wallpaper ads showing in may 2021

This issue has been fixed. Be sure you are using the latest version of Brave.

and what i did not received in june will be in july? version 1.25.72

Most likely.

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