Cleared Cache on Brave Android Tablet Browser, now Google Says Insecure Browser

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Description of the issue:
When accessing Youtube, I am signed out after having cleared my caches in Brave browser for Android.
When I attempt to log in, Google tells me my browser may not be secure, try another browser:

How can this issue be reproduced? logging into Youtube

Expected result:
Logged in.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Current version tablet always auto updates

Mobile Device details
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Additional Information:

Was able to log into Youtube prior to clearing cache. After clearing cache, I find I am logged out and unable to log in.

Not to cast doubt, but would you do a favor and double check? Only saying as I know I have auto update turned on in both my Android and iPhone but there’s been months where they actually didn’t update as expected and I manually had to do so. Always helps if you can actually check and say specifically which version you’re using. You’d be amazed how many type in “latest version” but then later say their problem was fixed by updating it.

What version of Android? Are you running it normally, is it on Developer mode or perhaps running with debugging mode?

Does your device pass the SafteyNet

Have you tried restarting your device?

Does it work if you turn off Shields?

I restarted the device and I cleared all the data again today.

Interestingly, I could not log into Youtube, but I found I could log into a Google forum to discuss the problem. And when I realized I was logged in there, I tried Youtube and found I was now logged back into Youtube. Apparently Google has different login portals and some of them don’t like Brave browser.

Well, that’s interesting. Haven’t had that issue myself but at least it sounds like you got it resolved overall.

Yes, but it was a roundabout “solution” or workaround. Something about Youtube’s login is incompatible with Brave. But if you’re logged in with Google ahead of visiting Youtube, you’re all set.

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