Clear linked device list


I use Brave Rewards, and had used it for a very long time, almost since it was announced.
I recently hit the device limit, due to changing laptops (at work and at home), reinstalling windows…

The help center indicates that you cannot manage this device list, at least not by yourself. Is there a way to clear this device list? Almost none of them are actually in use or accessible anymore, so I’m pretty much stuck.


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Unfortunately, there is currently no way to regain the wallet allotments from the old Brave Rewards accounts, but the Brave team is working on a solution. In addition, they are working on additional wallet options (Gemini should be available soon).

Yup, there is no way to get access to that list and you can’t remove your Old Devices off that list as well.

Just wait for Gemini to be introduced as it too will give you an option to add new devices.
It too will have a “4-Device Limit” so make use of them effectively.

Please add this wallet as soon as possible…

We don’t work at Brave. We just volunteer to help other people out.

And the Gemini thing is planned to be introduced Very Soon.

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