Clarification about TOS

Nitpicking again…


When you activate the Services, a BAT user wallet will be created for you in the Brave browser (“ User Wallet ”) through a third party wallet provider, Uphold, Inc. (“ Uphold ”). You agree to comply with Uphold’s Terms and Conditions, available at, in connection with your use of the User Wallet.

(emphasis mine)

Is this information correct?
I thought that the “User Wallet” “in the Brave browser” had nothing to do with third parties until verified and linked to an (Uphold, or one day maybe others too) account.
Am I mistaken? Or is the above information outdated?

There’s also

(c) use the private key backup functionality provided by the Brave browser

that, at least currently, isn’t provided. Yet I’d agree to use it.

Nitpicking for the greater good, or at least that’s my intention here.
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