Claim option not come for April month

same yrr aur ek toh koi contact point nhi hai yrr jahan complain kr ske yahan toh koi answer aa nhi rha

I have the same option. It was April 6 yesterday, but now changed to May 6 and still the same rewards pending.


Same for me, just claimed my rewards a while ago, nothing happened.

Same thing happened to me and it also happened last month… So haven’t got paid for two months, using my laptop. On my phone, which I synced later, I have got paid, but on my laptop the rewards have stayed quite the same and aren’t added to my wallet…


Same. Havent been paid for two months now.

Hello @QuasExortWex @Dave8 @Mohithreddy1 @jillsabine @shrmaetevs @spikespiegel

changing the payment day is expected behavior

and the payment still pending

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:


Hello @justsomeone1 , Thank you for your reply, but how come the brave rewards are not being added anymore. In February I had collected close to 5 BAT, which was expected to be paid out beginning of March. Then nothing happened and the payment date moved to the beginning of April. Again nothing happened and it looks like rewards aren’t being added anymore because I am still close to 5 BAT and the payment date has moved forwards another month…

my issue was not about payment the claim option is not available to claim to brave wallet for April month.

you very welcome @jillsabine

in that case let me ask @steeven to help you with that issue

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the claim is related to the payment there many users so it take time to pay every user

sometime i get paid for the first day other time i get paid after 3 or more days from the start of the payment process

and the payment could take up to 7 days and in rare cases more

This option is not available for April month.

i know it will show up anytime during the payment

and it could take up to week to process all the user

Same Brave please Help

I now see, that even though I have opened almost every ad since February, my rewards have not been added in March and nothing has been added in April yet. In April I can see in my 7-day history, that I opened 11 ads… So it stopped adding rewards after February. Does this at times happen, when you sync your laptop with your phone perhaps?

sorry but i do not know @jillsabine

by the way i am just user like you so i do not have the full picture

Ok, no problem. Thanks anyway. I hope someone else can help me.

i mentioned steveen from the team to check your post just give it sometime as it too early from the other side of the world

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HI. I’ve the same issue.
No value on April report.

I think you guys have to read the last reply on this post

Same Problem here, It s been a couple of months that I can not claim my estimated pending rewards. Why??