Claim button not shown in android

I did not see a claim reward button on my rewards tab on my android phone the wallet is not verified and I had claimed the reward last month but this month the button didn’t appear

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Everyone is having the same issue.
May be we will receive in couple of days.

well guys i still havent recieved anything have you and these brave guys dont even bother to see to the topic i dot understand that why to create a community page if you dont want to sove the issues people in the community are facing.

i’ve talked to employees, they have told me that payment for the verified wallets is not started yet.
They now officially posted that Payment for verified wallet will begin tomorrow.
So if your wallet is verified BATs will be automatically credited to uphold wallet. thats what i’m getting till now.
So wait for 2-3 days more and will see what happens.

@Fenil17 my wallet is not verified on Android

Mine also not verified in android yet but that option is only available after earning 25 Bats so i’m not sure about that. I have not either received claim button in android.
ill be able to withdraw that only after verifying wallet so i’m not much concern about that.

Lets see if someone knows about this thing and answer this.

You beca7se i dont think these people at brave will ever talk about this stuff they kind of just ignore this talk

This month it is happened to almost all people due to maintenance and other issues and they are also telling that payment is delayed but yes if we don’t receive in 2-3 days we will all raise concern about this again.
May be lot of people asking the same thing so they are unable to answer to everyone.

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