Brave is unusable on Ubuntu with dark theme

Hello. Since the latest update, Brave is just unusable.

Check here:

Using Ubuntu with KDE with Breezer dark theme.

Is it safe to assume that if you disable the custom theme (“breeze”) then everything displays as intended? Including if you enable the built-in dark theme?

Before the latest updates, it worked perfectly fine.
After the latest google chrome updates Chrome did the same but I fixed that by changing to a light theme, updated the theme option and then switching back to the dark theme.
This however does not work on Brave.

This has something to do with this bulshit auto-theme switch of Chrome. I don’t need Chrome to change that, I am perfectly capable of changing browser themes myself.

I assume you’re referring to the setting in Appearance that matches the browser theme with the OS theme, in which case this should only be happening (“auto-switch”) when that setting is enabled.

Additionally, do you see this behavior if you have other themes enabled or is it this specific one?

Do not know I am unable to see the settings!
Tried purge reinstalling, does not help. The browser is useless this way.

Can you please try launching Brave from the Terminal using the command line switch:


This will simply create a new browser profile (named “testprofile”) and launch a new browser window using that profile. I’m interested to see if this launches the browser normally and allows you to see settings/menus in the browser.

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