Brave Privacy&Security Safe Search Option vs Google Safe Browsing

Just noticed this Privacy&Security option change from Safe Search to Google Safe Browsing.
Can anyone tell me the difference between the two?
I’m not keen on sending anything to Google. So what happen if I disable Google Safe Browsing?

Additional Information:

Nothing. It’s same. Just recently changed to Google Safe Browsing to make it clear and to avoid confusion.

Google have a brief information about this

@eljuno, thanks for your reply.
The reason I do not use Chrome is telemetry sent to Google.
So Brave from day one is sending telemetry to Google via Safe Search, now Google Safe Browsing?

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Nothing is sent to Google. Since all traffics is proxied through Brave’s server.

This one is only a label change.

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@eljuno, thanks again for your prompt reply and clarification.
This reassurance of yours save me to add addons the like of Bitdefender Traffic Light.

Cheers and stay safe.

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