Chrome extensions cannot change "new tab" look

Versión 0.55.2 Chromium: 70.0.3528.4 (Build oficial) dev (64 bits)

I installed a chrome extension to change the new tab (Cliqz Tab: private search engine (Beta)), but it takes no effect. In fact, I only see the new tab option in settings without even getting a second choice like it should.

Is this expected behaviour or a bug?
Thanks in advance

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Hi @justa, I’m also getting this same behavior. Thank you for reaching out, I’m going to look into this and see what we can dig up. As we stated, this is a very early build and is likely to have compatibility issues (among other issues) while it learns to play nice with extensions.

I will report back here when I have more information.

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I am also noticing this behavior when using any extension that changes the new tab page, such as Toby or Tab for a cause. I am on Windows 10, Brave version 0.55.2, Chromium version 70.0.3528.4. Just let me know if I can help test anything!

This is know. Please track the issue here