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Hey everyone, new here. I’m using Dev version on Xubuntu 18.04. It’s blistering fast !

I’m writing because none of the blank new tab page extensions I’m trying will work with Brave. The pictures on the home and new tab pages are spectacular, but unfortunately a distraction as I’m trying to work ;-(

So … will there eventually be a way to disable features on the home and new tab pages and/or will Brave and blank new tab page extensions become compatible ?

Hi @branwerks,

You can set your New tab via Preferences > General > A new tab show

There should have blank tab option along with others.

Hope that can help,

I’m using the Dev version as I noted in my original post. Settings UI is the same as Chrome so what you’re referring to isn’t there.

Ups, my bad! Somehow I missed the Dev word. :sweat_smile:

Likely, it’s a known issue. Logged here

Thanks for reporting,

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Ok Thank You. I will try momentum extension and see what that’s all about.

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