Can I customise the new tab feature

I love the design of Brave and its amazing features, the only thing I am a tiny amount frustrated with is the new tab features.
I’m wondering if there’s a way to customise the look of new tabs with personalised wallpaper and to pick the amount of available links and what links there are?

Hi @Lightningbarer,

Thanks for reaching out!

Here’s a thread that speaks to current development work underway for new tabs that you might find useful - Change/Customize/Blank New Tab Page.

Hey, @Lightningbarer. You can work around by installing an extension. A simple extension is New Tab Override:

It lets you set a web page as your new tab page or just a blank tab if you leave the URL field in its options blank.

Search the store for “New Tab Override” or “New Tab Page” for more options. Some of them offer a lot of customization.

Also, at least in Nightly, the bottom right has a NTP settings icon that allows a tiny bit of customization:

thanks Steeven, I’ll keep an eye on that thread you just linked me.

Thanks nktong, its a good idea to go for that if looking for an immediate search engine result. I’ll keep it in mind

Now, as this thread seems useless, mods can lock it if they feel that’s the best option.

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