Chrome extensions brave mobile browser

I’d like to install chrome extensions with brave mobile browser. Currently, I cannot install chrome extensions, with any mobile chromium browser. Because I get a google cookie warning.
I’d like brave mobile browser to allow me to install chrome extensions, without google cookie warning.

Brave - and almost any other Chromium based browser - don’t allow extensions in Android.

Both Kiwi and Yandex mobile browser support chrome extensions. However, I get a google cookie warning.

That was why i write “almost any other Chromium based browser” :wink:
There are some that allow extensions for sure - like Kiwi - but is a very buggy experience. I doubt that Brave will implement such thing in a way that have no advantage to the users.

And even in those browsers that allow that, is a “addon” more that a feature in the browser.

When using Kiwi mobile browser with chrome extensions, I do not experience bugs. I get the same experience as when using a chromium desktop browser, such as brave, with chrome extensions.
I would most appreciate it if I could use a mobile chromium browser that allows me to install chrome extensions, without google cookie warning.

Being able to add an addon is an advantage for users :wink: How being in a jail can be an advantage ?

is not “jail”, i was referring to the fact that is a buggy experience. Not every extension will work - as not everything works fine in Kiwi, etc…
Anyone that have tried Kiwi can say the bugs that some extensions have - and currently there is almost zero extensions optimized to mobile… because Chrome :stuck_out_tongue:

Implement this in brave will lead to more bad reputation.

Yep a jail :wink: without any option, it’s a jail :wink:
I think everybody doesn’t care about having “every extension” to work… If you have a warning from Brave about possible crashes or bug, people will know and understand it’s not Brave related, but may be the author of the module itself. Speaking about this within a warning, and giving the option to install addons on Brave can leave a good reputation :wink:
So yep, not 100% agree with you mate.