Your request to transfer the hasher411 channel has been denied

I’m not sure what I can do at this point.

Did you update Brave Browser on your Windows 7 machine?

Did you back up your Windows Registry?

Did you Create a System Restore Point?

You can do all those.

I would do all that but chances are that I would lose some BAT. I have used registry cleaners in the past and at first they always seem to do the trick but make thing worse down the road, and restore points don’t always work the way they should. I should know … I did computer repair for many years and don’t believe that will solve the issue. I think its something to do with YouTube because I didn’t have a problem adding GITHUB. I plan on eventually putting Ubuntu on this machine and never go back to windows. I will reinstall Brave but not until I have all my BAT.

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry! … My Bad! … I figured out my problem. A long time ago, I setup a Creators account under a different email address and had YouTube in the list in that account! … Now I know I’m getting old. Sorry for any problems I have caused and thank you to everyone who tried to help.

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Well, at least some system restore point worked!

It’s strange how I already had an Creator account that I had setup over a year and a half ago using another email address I use from time to time. At one point I must have just given up and forgot about the account. About that time I even had my son tip me his BAT and we thought that was gone but it’s in that 2nd account.


I am glad that you hung in there, today; you did not quit. Good.


I feel st@pid for not checking it first. Ever since my stroke I have forgotten alot of things. I hope that Brave is OK with me having two Creator accounts until the next payout when I can remove YouTube from the Creators list and delete the account, and add the YouTube channel to the correct Creator account.

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You are doing just fine. Do not worry about the path that you took — you are still in the game, and OK.

And, YOU figured it out.

The frustration is in the work to get there; yet, you applied yourself and did not quit.


It is not a worry to have 2 accounts since you did it by mistake :slight_smile:
And since you do remember your Old Mail ID, you can easily get the old account deleted by a single button.

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