Changing Devices

Hi! In the next days I will change my PC and smartphone. How can I replace the old devices with the new ones to not exceed the reward devices limit?

Or will I have to connect the new one to Gemini?

What happen with the old devices? It will erase the connection with Uphold after some time not using it?


They removed the device limit not long ago, so no worries there.

Whatever you do with them. The connection remains as long as you have it. If you keep the devices you can connect to internet and have them earn you BAT by viewing ads. I use my old Android that way. It has no phone service but connected to wifi and all is well.

But yes, otherwise, it just will sit connected on the backend unless you request it gets unlinked. It doesn’t hurt you since no limits.

Make sure you have a sync chain for your bookmarks, passwords, etc and you get your new devices connected to it. Otherwise you may lose those things.

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