Device Limit Reached - Is there way to logout every account?

I’ve formatted my PC few times, but I didn’t logout on my wallet on those devices, now if I’m trying to add the browser to my uphold wallet it says that I reached a limit. Is there any way to reset devices, that are verified by my uphold wallet?

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@jachas, You have been trapped mate. There is no way to add or reset previous device from your uphold account. The only option which left is to use new wallet called Gemini.

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Ouch… So there is warning, that if you want format pc be sure that you will unlink wallet. Thanks man!

Even if you unlink the wallet it will still count and the max device you can connect is 4 devices and it’s the life-time limit once you connect to a device it can’t be removed even if you unlink it. So if you have reached the max device limit then the only option is to use Gemini.

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This is a huge problem for many users and quite frankly a shameful issue by Brave. To make things worse, the “lifetime maximum of 4 devices” info is buried in a support article so most users are not even aware of it until it affects them. Here is that info:

From the article, almost every user will quickly hit the “4 device lifetime maximum” and have this issue as almost any change or installation will constitute a new device instance.

To begin with, its pretty ridiculous to require users to send rewards to Uphold at all. Uphold charges exorbitant fees on most transactions. Rewards should be able to be transferred to any wallet or simply earn rewards straight to your attached Metamask wallet. I want the Brave Ad model to succeed, but these requirement/limitations seem to be more “scammy” to me rather than legit technical issues.

What are users supposed to do resolve this and gain access to the rewards that they have earned? The article seems to suggest Brave may fix this at some point in the future, but that seems rather dismissive of the huge problem that this is for many users.


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