Captcha Verification After every Google Search

Heyo duuuuuuuudeeee

You exposed your IP address in the picture… Delete it unless you use a VPN or else hackers can DDOS you

thanks for telling fixed it …!

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even in private windows the same problem occurs.

Are you using a proxy or VPN?

not using any proxy or VPN

Lastly, please test whether you can use Google normally with a fresh user profile.

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Still the issue persists.

  • Does the issue persist if you disable Brave Shields completely via the Brave Shields icon in the address bar when you open Google?
  • Is the issue reproducible in other browser, please check if you have other web browsers installed.
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I was actually facing the same issue a couple of months ago,

I found out that there was a virus in my pc and it was doing something with my browser. After running an anti-virus test, it removed the Virus and it worked fine.

I used BitDefender (Free Version) if you want to use it…

  • Issue persists even when Brave shield is disabled.

  • Doesn’t happen with other browsers, Tried with chrome and edge , I have same extensions on chrome.

Type brave://settings/security in the address bar and make sure Use secure DNS is disabled.

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I use McAfee, system is free from any kind of virus.

Still the same issue.

McAfee is a bad antivirus, I had planted an antivirus in my Virtual PC and it couldn’t detect it…

I am just talking about my experience… It may still be a different problem for you.

Try the following:

  1. brave://net-internals/#dnsClear host cache.
  2. brave://net-internals/#socketsClose idle socketsFlush socket pools.
  3. Restart Brave.
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Still the same, moreover when I type those in search bar brave turns to chome.

I personally ran out of ideas what the issue could be. Hopefully a support team member will check your thread soon and provide their suggestions. Good luck :+1:


Really appreciate your efforts thanks a lot…!

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Which Search Engine do you use BTW?

Can you change it to the Brave Engine or something else?

I use google currently.
Is brave engine good enough…?