Can't use Search (tor - wrong url)

Trying to use with Brave (tor) gives me a confirm your human prompt. I click “I’m not a robot” and it says (After disabling security) “Letting you in” with a little progress bar at which time it just resets the I’m not a robot button…rinse repeat.

Cue jokes about Brave being about privacy but then not letting you be secure and private…

After posting this I changed my search to duckduckgo and comically did a search for brave search. Duckduckgo gave me an onion link for brave search which actually worked…So how is it duckduckgo knows to give a browser over tor an onion link but setting the search in Braves options does not and loads a URL hostile to tor users?!

Version 1.60.125 Chromium: 119.0.6045.199 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Garuda / Arch

@nPHYN1T3 well, leaves all sorts of questions. I just went to use it and got the below:

As I kept toggling things, it seems I might have finally gotten to what you did:

Regardless how many times I hit I'm Not a Robot, it just stays on that page.




What’s weird though is if I go to Home on Private with Tor, it goes to Brave Search:

and if I search there, it goes to results

And it keeps yielding results as long as I stay on it.

It does seem like the issue only comes up if you go to type in directly. If you just type in something random it will default to Brave Search and open with no issues. If you type in from the home area, it seems to work too. SO yeah, definitely weird.

Let me tag in @Mattches and @fanboynz

I use my address bar to search with my search engine set to brave.

I see when the searches work for you the URL is an onion. The key issue here seems that there is an inconsistency between the areas you can search from.

I just did a test and searching from the address bar fails (PoW capatcha deadlock) on the “normal” URL where as searching from the new tab search bar loads the query via onion URL and works. So indeed the search is inconsistent and broken depending on what you use.

This kinda makes me think this is now in the wrong section of the forums as it’s less the brave search locking tor users out and more the browser screwing up how it interfaces with the search heh.

Thank you for reaching out to us. I’ve got the Search team taking a look at this right now — hope to have more info for you soon.

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Search team says they’ve released a fix for this — please try again and let me know if the issue persists.