Brave search refuses to work with Tor by design, this needs to stop

On behalf of the original poster on the Tor community Forums, I am posting a request on behalf of many that Brave Search support the Tor network, at the very least by letting Tor users, those trying to escape consorship and survialence, by not haranging them with a captcha, this happens to VPN users too, I know because I use a VPN on occasion. However, it would be beneficial to Tor users everywhere if Brave Search had an official javascript free .onion site. This would help take the load off exit nodes and protect the anonymity of Tor users, since the connection is end to end encrypted. We can redirect Tor users to the onion site by putting the .onion site notification in the http header so that way the Tor Browser knows that there is an onion site available. This will also benefit Brave users as well who have the setting enabled. ( Some Tor users even want Brave Search as an option in the Tor Browser. If you allow Tor users to use brave search, it will make brave search a competitive option against search engines that don’t. (

I agree with this. I almost never use Tor myself but when I do, I always make sure to use the DDG onion site for that added safety of my searches. It’d be awesome if Brave Search not only worked with Tor, but also had a hidden service so that our searches don’t have to run through an exit node.