New feechur: Added Brave Search as the default search engine for Tor windows

Which starts by asking to prove I’m not a robot.

Is there some way to turn off this feecher?

I can still use Duck Duck with a keyword search, but is there any way to make it default in Tor again?

Not sure, it is a good question.

But before doing that (if it’s even possible), you are aware of the recent Twitter hub-bub around DDG’s CEO’s statement? If you are already aware and don’t care that’s fine, just wanted to point it out.

(I don’t think the above is the reason for the change in Brave since the ticket was open well before this incident.)

However, what I want is not to have to prove I’m not a robot.
Because it hangs at that point and I can’t get past it.

A little fiddling and I see I can use Brave search by using the keyword, or any other search engine for that matter. But not by using the .onion service default.

Update: Brave search .onion service seems to be working OK now.

No robot test. Just put in a search term and all is peachy.

Thanks to whoever fixed it.

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