Cant transfer / claim "old" Bat

So i started to transfer my BAT to uphold a couple months ago. I have used the browser for a long time. I just want to know if i can claim the tokens i earned before i started to transfer? There is no option for it and i have tried to solve it from google but cant find anything.

Now I get the normal monthly payment to my uphold but the BAT i earned before that i cant transfer? Is this a bug or are those BAT “lost”. :slight_smile:

Im using Brave on PC latest downloadable version.

I have around 19 BAT that i cant transfer. Here is a pic ( last month was transfered yesterday so now its the second month i cant claim the “old” BAT )

Just want to know if its intended or not :slight_smile:
if you need more information i’m happy to give it, just dont know what more i can give in this post :slight_smile:

thank you for your time and thank you for this great browser!


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