Can't send or swap PYTH (new token)

I used Brave wallet to claim the PYTH airdrop (since I was using Brave and it’s built in and supports Solana). I can see that it claimed properly on SonarWatch, and I added the token manually to Brave Wallet so I could see it there. I also transferred some SOL into the wallet for gas. But it’s still not letting me transfer it or swap it to my regular Phantom wallet.

When I try to send it, it says, “The associated token account does not exist yet. A small amount of SOL will be spent to create and fund it.” So I confirm, and then it just clears and nothing appears to have happened. When I try to swap it for SOL, it says $0 SOL like it’s not working…

How do I resolve this? I’d like to get the PYTH out of this wallet and into my main Solana wallet that’s in another browser.

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