Can't select Country on Samsung tablet

There was an update of brave an now it’s asking me to select Country when I try it crashes

I can’t claim BAT as well.

Samsung SM-T560NU - Android Version 7.1.1.

Brave Version 1.46.134 Chromium 108.0.5359.94

I have tried to clear cache and history and the issue is still there

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@Zensk The team has been working on this. One thing we’d like people to try is to check if perhaps it works on Nightly. Would you be able to download Brave Nightly and see if it will populate a country list there

It’s been challenging to try to find out why it’s not working only for some people. The hope is it’s just a small version specific issue and it might fix outside it. Testing in Nightly is a good way to find out.

Hello Sadly we do not have option do download nightly version from google apps store

Are you looking for Brave Nightly? I see it and have it on my android. Not sure why you’re saying would not be there for you

Link is

Hello there, I have the same problem, tried the nightly browser but it’s crashing every time I try to select a country aswell. Any other idea? :slight_smile:
Thanks for the support !

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If this can help, my sister and one of my friend, who still use Android 7 have the same exact problem: Brave crashes as soon as they click on the “Select your country” box. Everyone else I know that uses a more recent version of Android, myself included, do not have this problem. So it seems an Android 7 related problem. Maybe other versions as well, but Android 7 for sure. Thanks.

Yeah, they found an issue with Android 7 and are trying to rush out a release. Expected around December 14 for maintenance release.

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Thanks, I appreciate you.

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