Cannot select country

After update Brave to the latest version. I cannot select country in Brave Rewards. There is nothing in the list as it shows in screenshot.

@Goldenboy Going to need some more information from you.

  • What OS and OS version are you using?

  • Which version of Brave?

  • Does this happen if you create a new browser profile?

  • If you’re using the normal “Release” version of Brave, can you download and test in Nightly? You can download from


I’ve had the same issue for the last month or so as well

I’m on Windows 10 Home 2H2, Brave Version 1.46.144

If I create a new browser profile, that one will be able to register for rewards as would the download of Brave Nightly I just performed, but for some reason the main profile on my Brave Release refuses to let me select a country even though this account was paired with Uphold for the better part of 2 years.

Please advise on what my options are as I’ve tried just syncing the profile to Nightly, but am not having any luck with migrating bookmarks, password manager, etc.

I have the same issue … since several weeks

  • System: Ububtu 22.10
  • Brave: v1.46.144
  • Country: Switzerland

thx for your support

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@Saoiray I’m on

  • Windows 10 Pro version 21H2 OS build 19044.2130

  • Brave version 1.46.144

  • I didn’t try with create a new profile yet

But mine was already fixed with unintentional, the dropdown list just come up after I restart browser or restart computer.

Thanks for your assist.

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Adding my voice to the choir. Same problem on Windows 10, Brave 1.46.144.

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Need to update your browser. Current is 1.46.153. Check to see if it resolves.

If not, try to check if it happens if you create a new browser profile?

Need to update your browser. Current is 1.46.153. Check to see if it resolves.

Updated. Doesn’t resolve.

try to check if it happens if you create a new browser profile?

Creating a new Browser profile resolved the bug in that new profile alone: I was able to select a country from the pull-down.

However, after doing so, the original, main profile still is broken: the pulldown only shows “select country” but doesn’t provide a list of countries.

Should creating a new profile resolve the issue in the old, original profile? If so, it didn’t work. Or are you suggesting that I create a new profile & import everything from the original profile over to the new one?

@Philo Well, what new profile indicates is it’s not necessarily anything wrong with your browser installation. In many situations, we would tell a person to disable all their extensions as it’s likely causing a problem. I’m not sure if extensions really would interfere with selection, but you could try it. Only other thing is some sort of setting, but there should be no browser settings to change that would cause the issue.

So yeah, I guess you can try extensions for now and see if it does anything. If you didn’t have much BAT on current profile, especially if it’s new, I’d just say switch over to new profile as it might be quicker. But otherwise might need to get Support to look and offer some additional details. For now though, do let me know if disabling current extensions helps.

Hi, can everyone try updating to v1.47.x? It was just released yesterday. We have something in there that might fix this issue.

You can go to brave://help to update.

@Saoiray – sorry, disabling extensions didn’t seem to help.

@chriscat – updated to 1.47.171. Unfortunately, the problem’s persisting.

If it helps, I also have two profiles that have Brave Rewards turned off. My main profile is the one with rewards turned on. And I still can’t select country.

But are/were they able to select country? It’s kind of a question whether your particular profile might be corrupt or if something else is going on.

Don’t want to turn Rewards on those profiles, since they’re work profiles. But I did create a new profile to test, and I was indeed able to select the country for that new profile. But only for that one.

Not sure why profile might be having issue. For ease of everything, let me ask…is the current profile where you can’t select a country an Unverified one with much BAT? If not, it might be better to just activate on new profile, sync over data, and then just delete old profile.

Yes, it’s unverified, and doesn’t have much BAT.

I’ve considered deleting the profile and moving to a new one. My only concern is that it may break sync chains across my devices, but I guess I can always relink them.

Yeah, should all sync just fine. You can even sync existing profile to new profile, then delete old one. That or just sync from other device, which might be easier. It’s the faster result. I mean, can continue working with Support back and forth a while if want to see if they can fix it, just might take a while and be a lot of back and forth. So definitely simpler if you’re willing.



Those instructions were to someone using Windows. This is why it’s important to have your own topic and stay to it, lol. Android updates are done through Play Store. And you can see which version of Brave you are using by going SettingsAbout Brave within Brave browser.

Thanks for the tip :sweat_smile:

I just read everything again :nerd_face:

Of course, Google Play Store still has an old Brave version. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: